MINEQU offers the following additional services and opportunities:

Round-the-clock customer support

Our partnership with customers does not end after the supply of equipment. We intend to support you throughout the entire service life of the equipment. Whenever you need our help, we are ready to offer you technical assistance and on-site maintenance.

On-site maintenance

One of the advantages of working with MINEQU is that we not only design the equipment, but also provide commissioning services and ongoing support throughout the entire life of the product.

Testing of the material

Customers can take advantage of the capabilities of our test sites to carry out material testing in terms of crushing, briquetting, screening and obtaining technical and economic data.

Modernization of installations and consultations

There are many reasons why manufacturers may need to modernize existing installations - environmental regulations, obsolete equipment, or plant expansion, to name a few. Whatever the reason, MINEQU can work with customers to change and improve their businesses.

Technological design

The department of technological design consists of engineers and industry specialists who not only know how to design equipment – they understand the needs in the field of processing minerals and materials from beginning to end.


Transportation always takes place with the participation of qualified logisticians. Our professional staff creates the most optimal routes and shows punctuality in delivery time of the goods.

Project management

Our complete, uninterrupted service provides quality assurance and reduces your risk. MINEQU deals with all aspects of the sale, including: transportation, customs clearance, brokerage services, provision of the necessary documentation and certification.

Spare parts

MINEQU understands that downtime can be very costly for its customers. Therefore, we organize stocks of many of the components that are considered most important for the operation of our equipment.

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